Origin Inbred by A.L. Bacharach, Glaxo Labs., U.K., 1924, from a Wistar stock. To Harrington in 1964 at F83. To MBL-TNO in 1953, after that to REP Institutes TNO, Rijswijk. To Charles River Germany from REP Institutes TNO in 1993 Coat color White ... more


Origin Developed by Dr. Lewis from Wistar stock in the early 1950s. To Charles River from Tulane in 1970 at F34. Strain code 004 Coat color White (albín) Research application Transplantation research, induced arthritis/inflammation, experimental allergic encephalitis, STZ-induced diabetes MHC Haplotype RT1l Breeding location US, Germany, ... more

Fischer 344

Origin From mating #344 of rats purchased from a local breeder (Fischer). Colony originated by M.R. Curtis, Columbia University Institute for Cancer Research in 1920. Dunning at Columbia inbred to form the strain starting in 1920. Dunning to Charles River ... more

Brown Norway

Origin Silvers and Billingham began brother x sister matings with selection for histocompatibility in 1958 from a brown mutation in a stock of wild rats maintained by King and Aptekman in a pen-bred colony of rats trapped from the wild ... more