Origin Swiss-type mouse, which Clara Lynch gave to Poiley in 1937. He maintained an inbred line of this animal until the 51st generation, before he transferred it to the Naval Medical Research Institute. Introduced into Charles River Laboratories in 1979 ... more

Black Swiss

Origin Developed at the NIH Genetic Resource by Dr. Carl Hansen. N:NIH Swiss outbred mice (albino) were crossed to C57BL/6N (black, non-agouti) mice to generate a hybrid black mouse that was heterozygous for the agouti locus. Through a series of ... more

SKH1 Hairless

Strain origin An uncharacterized non-pedigreed hairless strain of mice was acquired by Temple University from a small commercial supplier in New York City. To Charles River from the Skin and Cancer Hospital at Temple University in 1986. This mouse is euthymic and immunocompetent. Control No ... more


Strain origin In 1935, Carworth Farm began to breed a line of mice for vigor and productivity. Progenitors originating from a colony bred in Missouri were bought and the strain was named CF1 (Carworth Farm 1). This strain was introduced to Charles River ... more


Origin These albino mice, which were originally developed at Olac prior to 1970, came from a cross between the Laboratory Animal Centre A-strain mice (‘LACA’ - but formerly called CFW) and the CS1 from Scientific Products Farm (acquired by Charles ... more

CD – 1 IGS

Origin The original group of Swiss mice that served as progenitors of this stock consisted of two male and seven female albino mice derived from a non-inbred stock in the laboratory of Dr. de Coulon, Centre Anticancereux Romand, Lausanne, Switzerland. ... more


Origin HSD11B1 mice were created by Pfizer, Inc. Transferred to Charles River under exclusive license in 2011. Strain code 519 HE, 520 HO, 521 WT Coat color White (albino) Research application Cortisone regulation Ordering information For further information or to place an order, please contact us at info@velaz.cz ... more