Wistar WU

Strain origin

Selection by H.H. Donalson at the Wistar Instiute, USA, at the begining
of 19th century. To Glaxo-Lab. In 1927, continued as inbred.
To Nederlands-Instituut voor Volksfoending in 1933, to Unilever,
Vlaardingen in 1941 and Institut Centraale Proefdierenbedrijf TNO in
1958. Hysterectomy rederived in 1963. As an outbred to SAVO, Kißlegg
in 1975. Hysterectomy rederived at Charles River Laboratories in 1987.


White (Albino)

Strain characteristics

  • Good breeding performance
  • Docile

Research applications

Model for general use including:

  • General multipurpose model
  • Toxicology
  • Safety and efficacy testing
  • Aging

Breeding location