Cage T2 (PP)

The Cage is designed for rearing and breeding of laboratory mice.

Meets the requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2010/63/EC in this range.

The whole cage can be repeatedly sterilized in a steam autoclave at 121 degrees C and a pressure of 50 kPa for 20 minutes.

Maximum permissible number of animals during experiments cage T2 according to Decree No. 299/2014 Collection depends on their body weight:

up to 20 g – 5 pcs
20 g to 30 g – 4 pcs
above 30 g – 3 pcs

Breeding cage T2

Material: polypropylene TATREN, milky color
Height: 140 mm
Dimensions – top: 275 x 215 mm (length x width)
Floor area: 335 cm2
Weight: 430 g

Wire lid L2

The dividing plate in the feeder is part of the lid
Materials: iron
Finish: electrolytic zinc chromate
Weight: 400 g