SKH1 Hairless

Strain origin

An uncharacterized non-pedigreed hairless strain of mice was acquired
by Temple University from a small commercial supplier in New York City.
To Charles River from the Skin and Cancer Hospital at Temple University
in 1986. This mouse is euthymic and immunocompetent.


No specific control, any haired outbred mouse


Hairless, albino background

Strain characteristics

  • Growth rate and longevity are good
  • No obvious immunological deficiencies
  • Low incidence of spontaneous neoplasm
  • Coat is normal on hr/hr mice to 10 days of age, but is gone by 20 days of age
  • Follicular cysts commonly seen on skin
  • More susceptible to temperature fluctuations due to lack of hair
  • More susceptible to traumatic damage to the skin due to lack of hair
  • Increased incidence of conjunctivitis; lack of eyelashes allows entry of foreign bodies

Research applications

  • Wound healing model
  • Dermal research
  • Safety and efficacy testing
  • Research on ultraviolet radiation induced melanogenesis