The original strain was composed in 1925 by Robert Worthington Dawley. Carworth Farms obtained it in 1955 and renamed it CFE (Carworth Farms Elias).Transferred to Charles River France in 1967, it then became known as OFA (Oncins France Strain A), in 1968.

Coat Color

White (Albino)

Strain characteristics

  • Medium size
  • Rapid growth
  • Docile, easy to work with
  • Reproduces well
  • Low rate of spontaneous foetal malformations (2 per 1000)
  • Females are sensitive to mammary tumor induction (79% of 112 week females)
  • Alopecia in mated females
  • Conjunctivitis (frequent)
  • Age related nephrosis or glomerulonephrosis. Onset of disease at 6 months for males; slightly older for females. At 2 years of age, 95% of males are affected and 75% of females

Colony management

A primary colony including monogamous pairs is maintained. The strain
genetic uniformity is implemented through a systematic rotation of
breeders in the primary colony (4 units Robertson system) and a transfer
of these breeders into each breeding unit.

Research application

Pharmacology, toxicology, teratology, oncology, medicine control, physiology, experimental microbiology, experimental surgery, ethology

Breeding location