About us

Velaz, Ltd. is a wholesale company that builds on the tradition of the national and state enterprise Velaz, founded in 1958. For more than 55 years Velaz helps resolve requests of science and use of laboratory animals, to the satisfaction of its customers from the Czech and Slovak Republics.

In all production activities and services are respected and applied the principles derived from the requirements of the Act No. 359/2012 Sb., on the protection of animals against cruelty and the decree 419/2012 Sb. Ministry of Agriculture on the protection of experimental animals (including relevant EU regulations).

This year, to continue our participation in the international ALFA program “Development of new technologies for transgenesis biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry”, which is realized in cooperation with Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences.

Velaz owns the certification of breeding and supplying equipment ref. 67149/2018-MZE-17214 from 22. 11. 2018 for a period of 5 years. Veterinary registration number of the breeding and supply facilities in the central register – CZ 21760118 (Koleč) and CZ 11760500 (Lysolaje), carrier certificate – CZ 11905488. Velaz under contractual arrangements is the exclusive supplier of breeding rabbits Mr. Kočár, Ratibořice 11. The certificate of person operating with breeding or supplying equipment ref 88850/2014-MZE-17214 for 3 years.


Velaz, Ltd. has business activities mentioned in the Commercial Register as “Research and development on natural sciences and engineering” and “Implementing animal experiments.” Workplace of VELAZ in Koleč near Kladno is accredited as a user facility No. 203054/2011-MZE-17214 for 5 years until 2016, it is also registered as a workplace authorized the use of genetically modified organisms under contained use in the first and second category of risk (MOE No 28555/ENV/11 of April 6, 2011).

Our team of scientists in cooperation with professional partners ensures:

Participation in R & D projects, when Velaz is the bearer of these projects

Utilization of the workplace in Koleč in housing and participation in projects of experimental trials users including import of genetically manipulated organisms

Velaz carries two grant projects:

The first project with the solution of 2007 – 2010 was in the field of feed. Now is the period of implementation of the results into practice. EUREKA OE 08011 “Specialized diets of natural components for laboratory animals – development, innovation and verification in pilot plant” , helped to achieve a higher standard diet and to ensure required conditions for laboratory animals. Increased comprehensive sales of products of laboratory animal-feed-bedding.


The aim of the project is to develop and optimize technologies for transgenesis of the laboratory rat with transposon system Sleeping Beauty and highly effective SB100X transposase and develop RMCE (recombinase mediated cassette exchange) technique for in vivo use to obtain defined expression of transgenes. Combining the Sleeping Beauty and RMCE technologies will represent a highly effective transgenesis which is not yet available for the laboratory rat. Because the laboratory rat is the most widely used laboratory animal in biomedical research, it can be expected that new transgenic technologies will enable production of new models of human diseases that will be used also for testing new drugs. Additinal aim of the project is to use these new transgenic technologies to produce transgenic rats and make them commercially available for biomedical research and pharmaceutical companies. These new transgenic lines will be characterized genetically and phenotypically. Transgenic rats will be available in the SPF (specific pathogen free) status.



Workplace of VELAZ in Koleč is accredited for experiments on laboratory mice and rats, as well as a workplace GMO. We use our facilities and barrier isolator technology to perform partial attempts within the range of your projects, experiments and transgenic animals housed mice and rats under contained use in the first and second category of risk. Further we transport and ensure deliveries (delivery service) of the transgenic animals. Contact our professional staff (see contacts).