Other species


Origin This stock was obtained from Tumblebrook Farms in 1995. Rederived in 1996. Strain code 243 Coat color Predominantly agouti with some ... more

LVG Golden Syrian hamster

Origin Three members of a litter captured in Syria in 1930 were retained in captivity. It is the progeny of these animals that were first imported to the United States in 1938. Descended from two original colonies acquired by Lakeview ... more

Dunkin-Hartley guinea pig

Origin To Charles River in 1968 from Medical Research Council, Millhill, England. Strain code 051 Coat color White (acromelanic ... more

New Zealand White rabbit (NZW)

Origin The NZW rabbit was obtained in 1991 by Charles River Canada (CRC) from Kitayama Labs K.K. of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Strain code 052 Coat color White ... more