Ventilated equipment

IVC jsou zařízení s vnitřní ventilací, u kterých se pomocí proudu vzduchu zajišťuje bariéra mezi vnitřním a vnějším prostředím.

Easy IVC: NexGen

We offer IVC systems by Allentown Easy IVC: NexGen with standard tower blower units or rack mounted blowers. The benefits of EcoFlo Rack Blowers: Easy control Very quiet No needed space for Helps to keep clean of workspace For more information: Easy ... more

Uni Protect

Keeps small laboratory animals under protected conditions and provides a controlled environment. 5.7” TFT Colour Touch panel with integrated control for easy operation Continuous monitoring with two energy-saving blowers Double-winged door with door monitoring Chamber is pressure controlled either ... more

Animal isolator

We offer a wide range of Isolators for animal husbandry. The Isolators are characterized by the following properties: Maximum biological safety Maximum protection for personnel and environment Versatile use (works with gnotobiotics and pathogens) Utilization of different cage sizes Documented ... more

IVC – individualy ventilated cages

The brackets (cage sliders) are made of autoclavable plastic material which allows a low noise and easy slide of the cages. The right position of the cage is shown by a visual docking indicator. Air flow is optimized by the special ... more