Tissue sensors

Amplifiers and stimulators

The biological amplifier and stimulator product line was specially developed for the fields of biological and biomedical research (physiology, pharmacology, neurology). The primary design aspect of the amplifiers and stimulators was the simple management of the measurement units and that they ... more

Isolated heart perfusion systems

These sytems  provide a wide range for in-vitro heart examination. Systems can be used for experiments on any laboratory animal without significant alterations. We offer several products: Gravitation-controlled heart perfusion systems Pump-controlled heart perfusion systems Compact pump-controlled heart perfusion system More information on MDE ... more

OxyFlo Pro

Combining advanced Laser Doppler technology and Digital Signal Processing, OxyFlo™ is a highly featured multi-channel system for measuring tissue blood flow (perfusion). Available in 2 or 4 channel formats, this instrument offers substantial advantages over other methods of microvascular blood fl ow measurement ... more

OxyLite Pro

The OxyLiteTM Pro provides an absolute measurement of dissolved oxygen in mmHg or kPa. In vivo this provides a direct readout of oxygen availability to cells and tissue, in contrast to blood oxygen saturation assessment, which merely describes the ... more