Transport of animals

Our company offers its customers all-inclusive transport of laboratory animals (mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs). We can arrange the air or road transport of almost any quantities of laboratory animals from any European countries or overseas, including necessary import and export ... more


We can organise seminars on any topics from the field of work with laboratory animals for you, ranging from the improvement of the environment of animals and their health examination to zootechnics or relevant legislative processes. We organise seminars in collaboration with ... more

Health monitoring

We offer a complete physical examination of laboratory animals including bacteriology, serology, pathology and parasitology at workplaces in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Diagnostics are provided by experts from the National Veterinary Institute in collaboration with the company Charles River. For more information please ... more

Projects of vivaria

Do you plan to build new breeding or experimental facilities or renovate existing ones? We provide you with synergy at work on a given project or we directly provide you with its full elaboration. We also arrange consultation with experts from ... more

Consultations of breeding

We provide consulting and advisory services in the field of scientific use of laboratory animals and we provide recommendations related to the conditions of the breeding, experiments, as well as individual biomodels and their living conditions. Thanks to extensive experience with our ... more